Just an Ordinary Day

I’m always seeking Jesus in the ordinary, but it wasn’t always so.

I’m what is known as a cradle Catholic, baptized as an infant. I attended parochial school from grades 1-12, and I received all of my sacraments: First Holy Eucharist, Confirmation, and a nuptial mass for our wedding. Growing up, my family attended mass every Sunday and Holy day, but sometimes throughout my life, I wasn’t always listening. I was just going through the motions. I thought I knew better than God.

As newly-weds, my husband and I didn’t always attend mass each week. Sometimes we’d go, but more often than not we’d find an excuse not to go. We’d lounge in bed on a Sunday morning instead. “We’ll go next week” we’d tell each other, but then Sunday would roll around and the with it the same excuses.

This went on for a few years. We’d go some weeks but not many. I always felt guilty for not regularly attending mass, but it didn’t change my actions.

Until one ordinary day. I was flipping through the dial on my car radio, trying to find something to listen to on my drive to work. Suddenly a familiar tune came on. It was “church music”. I was about to change the station when a bible quiz started. I listened, and I knew the answers! This became my new routine. I found myself looking forward to the questions. I made sure I tuned in for that particular segment. I wasn’t crazy about the music that was being played, but usually I’d stick around for a song or two before switching back to secular music.

Then one day that station was gone! I spoke to a friend of mine who told me they had lost their funding for our area, but she recommended a Christian radio station that just started up in our listening area. It was called K Love. I became an avid listener to each morning. The music was not at what I was used to. They played contemporary Christian songs. I started listening to this station the whole ride to work, not bothering to change. I also started reading my bible again, and as you can probably guess, I started going back to church regularly.

Now, it’s so many years later. We have been blessed with 3 wonderful children, and we attend mass every Sunday. My car radio is always tuned to K Love, and most times it’s on in my house, too. Unless, of course, my children get to it first. Then they’ll be playing the current hits. (They are teen-agers, after all!)

But every so often, I’ll catch one of them singing along to one of “my” songs, and my heart swells.

All because of one ordinary day.

Has there ever been a time when you found Jesus in an ordinary moment? I’d love to read your thoughts and comments, so please feel free to share.

God bless you,  Andrea


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