Prayer in Action


Romans 8: 26 Likewise the Spirit helps us in our weakness. For we do not know what to pray for as we ought, but the Spirit himself intercedes for us with groaning too deep for words.

This has been a busy week for prayers of healing. The son of one of the women in my bible study group had surgery due to an injury. A dear friend of mine also had surgery to remove a cancerous growth, and was waiting to find out if the cancer had spread. Both women were worried.

Prior to her surgery, my friend told me that she could feel the prayers being said for her, and knowing that everyone cared for her gave her the strength to face whatever was coming her way. The surgery for my other friend’s son went well,  but he was in a lot of pain after his surgery. His mother had her son offering his pain as a sacrifice to my friend with cancer! This was such a noble deed, and my friend was touched by this boy’s offering.

I am happy to say that my friend’s son is on the road to recovery, and my other friend is cancer free! Is this because of all the prayers?

How often have we told one another that we would pray for them? How often have we asked for prayers, for ourselves and others? This got me thinking about our prayers in action and how they work. We’ve all heard stories of miraculous healings, where patients have been told that there was no hope, and against all odds they make a full recovery. Is just knowing someone is praying for you enough to help you to heal? What about the people who don’t know people are praying for them?

Does God turn around and say, “Okay, all these people are praying, so I’ll heal you?” And conversely, does He decide not to heal someone because no one is praying for them? Of course not.

So then how exactly do our prayers work?

The easy answer is that God wants us to turn to Him with our requests, just as a child turns to his mother or father. We pray for healing, but what we should be praying for is strength. When we pray, we need to ask the Father to send His Spirit over us, that we may have faith to deal with what is before us.

God is always listening; He always hears us. But sometimes the answer is no.

Take a moment and really think about that. Sometimes the answer is no.

As we say in the Lord’s Prayer: Thy will be done. It is not our will but God’s. We need strength to bend to the will of God, and He will reward us tenfold.

When has God answered your prayers? And when was the answer, “No.”

Please join the conversation.

God bless you, Andrea



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